About Us

The age of the internet has taken the custom art world by storm. Today you can find custom products from creators around the world with the click of a button, making access easier than ever. At 1935 Fleet we are revolutionizing that process through building an exclusive online community which gives independent artists an opportunity to showcase and sell their work to sneakerheads, collectors, and fans alike. What differentiates us from other online marketplaces is our focus on the individual artist. Artists affiliated with 1935 Fleet are given the opportunity to become more than just another seller on the overwhelming and saturated online marketplaces we see today. By being a part of 1935 Fleet, the artist’s individualism will be highlighted and shared with the community through unique biography pages, articles, original content, and creator rewards. The overarching goal of 1935 Fleet is to give credit where credit is due. In an age where massive companies have stripped artists of their authenticity and their individuality, we are giving that power back to the artists by showcasing who they truly are. Join us on our journey to modernize the custom art industry and find your first custom product with 1935 Fleet.